Songwriting for me is: expressing my feelings and exploring my interestings in a song.

Most of my songs are coming from personal situations. And the beauty of those songs is that I can encourage others, through these personal messages. And I think and believe that, through these songs, God can work into many lives.

So I mostly write songs about God and my relationship with Him. This faith is not a religion but a relationship.

I also write love songs. When I’m in love with a girl, I write about her and the situation.

I like writing with metafores. To create a bigger picture of what a song is about. Just to make it more clearer.

After all. I think the songs that I write are just gifts. Songwriting is a talent, that God gave me. I think that God gave me the pen, to write down His message to others in a musical way. To encourage or even warn them. But of course in the first place it’s meant to myself. First I have to expierence the sense to share it with others. It’s just important how I associate with it.

I made a radical choice, to give God all honor with my songs.

This is just a quote about my thoughts on songwriting.


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